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(including the Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan)

As Preshute is a relatively small parish, we usually hold Planning meetings within our usual full Council meetings. Timing of discussion of any proposed planning application disucssion can be found on the full Council agenda notified on this website and our notice board at Clatford crossroads. 

Planning Application Notifications

Planning application notices (green signs) are displayed near to the relevant site by Wiltshire Council and details are included on the website; .  The Parish Council also displays applications details on this website below.

Planning Process

Parish Councillors must maintain an independent, impartial view until the Council has considered and debated each application in the relevant planning meeting.  Consequently Preshute Parish Council has established a procedure for reviewing applications as follows. 

  • Every application is reviewed by the parish Planning representative to determine if a site visit is necessary and seeks agreement from the Chairman.  
  • Small and uncontroversial applications are recommended for support under the Council’s  ‘delegated powers’ arrangements without the need for visit.
  • Site visits are normally undertaken by two Parish Councillors to ensure that the Council adopts a broad perspective
  • The two Councillors present their independent report about the application to the Planning meeting which is held in public for consideration by the full Council

Current Planning Policies

The Parish Council is a consultee in the planning process and does not make the final decision regarding planning applications. The approval or rejection of applications is made by  Wiltshire Council which is the local planning authority. The Parish Council’s role is merely to indicate its support or objection after considering the details and taking a vote or obtaining general consensus. We also submit comments if necessary however Wiltshire Council’s final decision may not reflect the Parish Council’s recommendations.

It may help applicants to be aware of the guidance Wiltshire Council gives on the factors that are relevant in making the planning decision.

Relevant issues where planning applications are considered include:

Development plan policy

Government guidance

Highway safety and traffic

Design, appearance and layout

Effect on the level of daylight and privacy

Conservation of buildings, trees and open land

Need to safeguard the countryside

Noise disturbance and smells

The following are not relevant planning matters, and cannot be considered:

Effect on the value of property

Loss of a private view

Inconvenience or other problems caused by building works

Matters covered by other laws

Private property rights

The developer's morals, motives of past record

Possible future development

The fact development may have started

 Trade objections based on competition

 Moral objections

Applicants are encouraged to seek advice from Planning Officials in Wiltshire Council and/or the relevant people in the North Wessex AONB Office in Hungerford who can advise on suitable materials and impact on landscape.

Planning applications pending with Preshute PC

If any member of the public wishes to make a comment on any Planning Application coming before the Council, please send this in writing to or

Recent applications

Preshute PC have considered two applications in Manton Hollow, Manton, adjacent to the Preshute parish boundary but in the Marlborough Town area. in recent months:

Application 1: 20/02376/FUL. 1 Manton Hollow, Manton, Marlborough, SN8 1RR.

First floor side extension above existing double garage, two storey side extension and the addition of three rear dormer windows. For Mrs A. Lewis.
Resolved: Preshute PC have no objection to this application

Application 2: 20/01363/FUL. 10 Manton Hollow, Manton, Marlborough, SN8 1RR.

Double storey extensions. Single storey rear extension (Material amendment to 19/07021/FUL). For Mrs K. Venus.
Resolved: Preshute PC have no objection to this application

Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan

Preshute Parish Council is a member of the Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan.

The Steering Group (NPSG) comprises representatives from Marlborough Town Council, Mildenhall (Minal) PC, Savernake PC and ourselves, Preshute PC. There are other individuals invited to the meetings, including Unitary Councillor Stewart Dobson (East Ward), a representative from Marlborough College (a major landowner in the area) and other individuals with specific interests. Preshute PC  was not represented on the NPSG from 2016-2019 for various reasons. We have been attending again since November 2019. 

The objective of a Neighbourhood Plan is to define a vision for the future development of an area, including housing to meet a defined need, open spaces, amenities, traffic management and the environment.

You can learn more about the MANP at this link:

Preshute PC continues objections to the proposed Housing Plan

8th June 2020

The Marlborough Area NP has been in preparation for around 5 years and has reached a stage where a partial and draft plan is now being actively promoted by certain members of the Steering Group. As part of this activity, the environmental impacts and the sustainability of the NP housing proposals are required to be considered. The Government's preferred consultants, AECOM, have prepared a draft report for comments.

As you may be aware, Preshute Council voiced serious concerns in January about how the NP housing proposal has been prepared. We have noted the absence of objective evidence of housing need and we are concerned about the emerging content of the plan. The plan, which is being prepared speculatively for the period up to 2036, is offered without any strategic guidance from WC beyond 2026.

We feel strongly this brings to a head our concerns about the validity of the MANP and we have now commented more fully on the draft report by AECOM and the draft emerging plan, identifying many shortfalls in its assumptions.

A considerable amount of Town Council money, Parish Council money and other public money from the Government has been spent over the years by the NP Steering Group (NPSG). We don't know the exact amount despite requesting this public information several times, although we believe it must be in the high 10s of thousands of pounds. 

It is unlikely the draft NP can proceed any further until Wiltshire Council (WC) have approved guidance for the years 2026-2036. This will require extensive public consultation and a Public Inquiry and WC have stated that the Strategic Guidance for a Local Plan for Wiltshire will not be approved before early 2023. The NP can only then continue to be worked on in conformity with that guidance. This will no doubt necessitate a lot more work, updating revision and consultant costs etc.

Preshute Council believe that the right course of action now is to stand the NPSG down and suspend further unnecessary and ultimately fruitless and costly work until the 2036 Local Plan is adopted.

In the current national crisis it is likely and appropriate that public money is used for more useful and urgent purposes than preparing a flawed plan which cannot be adopted for several years.

Preshute PC will continue to seek a full review of the MANP.

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