Parish Council

Preshute Parish Council


Confidentiality matters and parish meetings

Please note the following confidentiality policy regarding parish meetings:

Preshute Parish Council reserves the right to discuss in private session matters deemed of a confidential nature. This may apply when members of the Council, public, corporate bodies or commercially sensitive issues need to be discussed. The published meeting minutes may not refer to such matters as discussed because of their confidential nature

Preshute PC will not disclose details of any votes on any subject. The only public records of any parish meeting are the approved minutes and supporting papers produced for any meeting.

Recent council meetings

17 July2019

03 Sept 2019

4 Oct 2019

20 Nov 2019

21 Jan 2020

Next full Parish Council meeting: 9 March 2020

Preshute Parish Council

Principal Contacts

Clerk: Sophie Roberts


Tel: 01672 861262

Chair: Peter Morgan


Preshute Parish Councillors

Peter Morgan

Joy Penn

Ian Wroth

Hugh Wroth

Simon Mills

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