Preshute Parish Council Working Groups Guidelines
The Role of Working Groups for Preshute Parish Council

The Role of any Working Group is to tackle specific issues as directed by the Parish Council. This will usually include:
•    To examine an issue in detail, read reports and related materials, examine options, and obtain specialist advice for the Parish Council.
•    To acquire specialist knowledge and/or liaise with specialist experts.
•    To make recommendations to the Parish Council.
•    To provide specialist support to the Parish Council by explaining their recommendations in layman’s terms.
•    To answer questions from the Parish Council in their delegated area of specialist knowledge.
•    Working Groups do not have any delegated powers to make decisions binding on the Parish Council.
The Role of the Parish Council in setting up Working Groups:
•    The Parish Council must direct the Working Group and set clear terms of reference for them regarding objectives, scope and outcome.
•    The Parish Council should question and challenge the recommendations of the Working Group, in order to be satisfied of the correct decision.
Operations of the Working Groups:
•    There should be a minimum of 2 Councillors on each Working Group.
•    A Leader/Chairman should be appointed at the first meeting of the Working Group and a notetaker to keep an accurate record of the meeting. This can be the Leader/Chairman or another member of the Working Group.
•    Notes from the meeting should be produced and presented for approval/comments as appropriate to the next Parish Council meeting following the Working Group. This will keep the Parish Council up to date on activity and progress. The notes will include a list of individuals involved.
•    Work priorities and co-option of Working Group members who are not Parish Councillors will be agreed by the full Parish Council.
•    Working Groups will organize themselves for meetings or alternative working arrangements.
•    Working Groups do not need meet in public.
•    Councillors can attend any meetings of Working Groups on request even if they are not members of the Working Group.
•    Parish Council Standing Order 1 will not apply to Working Groups.
•    Working Groups must not carry out any significant pieces of work such as public consultations without the full approval of the Parish Council.

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