Minutes of the EXTRAORDINARY PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on the14th July 2020 at 6.30 pm remotely through Zoom.

Present:  Cllr P Morgan (Chair), Cllr H Wroth, Cllr I Wroth, Cllr S Mills & Cllr J Penn.
In attendance:  Mrs S Roberts (Clerk), 1 member of the public & 2 representatives from Marlborough College.

Cllr Peter Morgan welcomed the members of the public present and all those present introduced themselves.

Public participation – questions and answers from the public.

A question had been received prior to the meeting from a member of the public who was present at the meeting:  ‘ Given the recently identified shortfall in land supply and the changes in the NPFF, what measures are Preshute Parish Council taking to protect their parish against speculative property developments’
Cllr P Morgan and Cllr J Penn responded.  The main points raised being the whole of the Preshute area is already protected due to being in the AONB and it is only under exceptional circumstances where no other land is available and there is a proven need that housing could be considered on rural greenfield AONB protected land.
The two representatives from Marlborough College addressed the Council to request support for the proposed Barton Dene land allocation to be included in the MANP and the benefits this development proposes to bring to Marlborough.

1.    To receive apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Phillippa Pearson who was unable to attend due to the short notice of the meeting.  This was approved.
2.    To receive declarations of interests
There were no declarations of interest.   
3.    Items to be taken in private session
Cllr Peter Morgan resolved to close the meeting for item 7 to enable the Council to discuss freely the current position on the MANP.  Having members of the public present would be prejudicial to the conducting of the meeting.  (LGA 1972 - SS100 & 102) Cllr S Mills proposed & Cllr J Penn seconded.
4.    Covid 19 Support & Emergency Action Plan
5.    Rights of Way
6.    Covid Copse
7.    Planning
The meeting closed at 8.30pm.
This is the last page of the minutes.

The next full meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Tuesday 28th July 2020 at 8.00 pm

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