held on the 15th November 2021 at 6.30pm at Kennet Valley Hall, Lockeridge.

Present:  Cllr P Morgan (Chair), Cllr S Mills, Cllr I Wroth, Cllr H Wroth & Cllr J Penn.
In attendance:  Mrs S Roberts (Clerk), Unitary Cllr Jane Davies & N Goodwin.

41.    To receive apologies for absence
•    Apologies were received and approved for Cllr J Clark.
42.    To receive declarations of interests
•    All Councillors declared a non prejudicial interest in the setting of the Precept.
43.    Items to be taken in private session
44.    Minutes of the previous meetings
•    The minutes of the meeting held on 27th September 2021 were approved unanimously and signed as a true record. 
45.    Clerk’s Report
•    Website – progress is slow due to having to accessibility check all the documents and unfortunately having to take time out due to Covid.  A productive meeting was held with Mrs Morgan who was able to give some advice on how to speed up the process and also alter the existing website content to make it easier to read and transfer.
46.     Report from Unitary Councillor Jane Davies
Unitary Councillor Jane Davies reported the gate at the Ridgeway is now firmly locked.  Cllr P Morgan provided a brief update on the status of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan and proposed timescales.
Unitary Cllr Jane Davies and Mr N Goodwin left the meeting.

47.    Rights of Way
•    The field between Manton and Clatford is being regularly used by dog walkers who do not stick to the footpath and do not always pick up after their dogs, the owner of the field has agreed to have a dedicated dog bin at the location.  A site meeting between the owner, Idverde, Cllr S Mills and the Clerk to be arranged to progress.   Action Clerk
•    Preshute 22 – Safety measures to warn users about the proximity of the road have been approved by CATG,  further information is now awaited from Steve Leonard before the project can progress further.  Action S Mills
•    Signage – Cllr S Mills advised he hopes to have finished assessing the status of the footpath and signage early in the new year.  The Council agreed to discuss this item at the January meeting.  Action Clerk
48.    Traffic
•    Cllr P Morgan advised the West of Marlborough Traffic Group meeting with Danny Kruger MP and other agencies to discuss the wider issue of traffic on the A4 and to push for the 50mph to be extended to cover the entire length between Beckhampton and Marlborough would be taking place in 2 weeks time.
•    Frees Avenue – Preshute have acknowledged their support to Marlborough on the proposals to reduce traffic speeds and have asked for consideration to be given to extending these measures further into the Preshute stretch.
49.    Emergency Response
•    Cllr H Wroth agreed to be the representative for Emergency Response.
•    The Council briefly discussed the burst water main at Clatford.
50.    Policies
The Council adopted the following new policies:
•    Complaints Procedure
•    Filming, Photography, Audio Recording & Social Media Policy
•    Email Policy
•    Communications Protocol
Cllr H Wroth proposed, Cllr I Wroth seconded.
51.    Finance
The accounts for the year to November 2021:
Balance carried forward from last year:            £12393.50
Total receipts for the year to November 2021:        £4210.31
Total payments for the year to November 2021:        £4526.00
The available (cash book) balance on 15 Nov 2021:    £12077.81

The Council approved payments of retrospective cheques:

200028    S Roberts – NP Admin June-Aug 2021- reissued cheque

The Council approved payments of outstanding cheques:

200029    S Roberts – Salary Oct-Nov 2021        
200030    S Roberts – NP Admin Sept-Oct 2021    
200031    S Roberts – expenses Oct–Nov 2021    

•    BACS – Cllr P Morgan has received authority from Barclays to authorise BACS payments & Cllr S Mills is awaiting further paperwork from Barclays.
•    The Council reviewed the current spending against the Budget for 2021/22 which is in line with expectations and within Budget.
•    Funding requests for 2022/23 were considered including a provision for Covid Copse and bin emptying for the proposed new bin at West Manton and provision of new stiles.
•    The Council considered the Budget for 2022/23.  It was noted the ongoing general annual expenditure for Preshute exceeded the current level of Precept received.  The Council considered the Tax Base and agreed given Preshute hold some reserves to increase the Precept by a modest 3 %.  The Council resolved to set the Precept at £4117.38.  Cllr P Morgan proposed, Cllr J Penn seconded.
•    It was noted the Council had previously agreed a donation to Preshute Primary School for the upgrade to their play facilities.  It was agreed an email should be sent to the Head to find out timescales for the upgrade.  Action Clerk & Cllr P Morgan
52.    Planning
•    The Council reviewed the following planning application:
PL/2021/09953 – Stable Cottage, Frees Avenue, Rockley, SN8 1RT - Householder Planning Permission – single storey timber orangery.
The Council raised no objection to the application.
•    Fyfield Down – the removal of the Nature Reserve status is most disappointing, and the Council is frustrated at receiving no prior communications from Natural England, however, it is noted much of the area is still designated as a Site of Specific Scientific Interest and a Scheduled Monument.  We have been advised the current owner has committed to continue good management via a Countryside Stewardship Agreement.  It was noted new interpretation display boards were due to be provided in September, as yet these have not materialised.
53.    Neighbourhood Plan (NPWG)
•    Following receipt of the comments from the Wiltshire Council Link Officer and ammendments made the draft has been shared with other Key Agencies. 
54.    Covid Copse
•    The Working Group are expected to have their first meeting in January 2022.
55.    Agenda items for the next meeting
•    Covid Copse
•    Website
•    Neighbourhood Plan – approve draft
•    Donations
•    Signage and Stiles
The meeting closed at 8.30pm.                    This is the last page of the minutes.

The next full council meeting is arranged for Monday 17th January 2021 at 6.30 pm at
Kennet Valley Hall – Lockeridge.
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