Minutes of the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on the 21st March 2022 at 7pm
at Kennet Valley Hall, Lockeridge.

Present:  Cllr P Morgan (Chair), Cllr J Penn & Cllr I Wroth.
In attendance:  Mrs S Roberts (Clerk).

72.    To receive apologies for absence
•    Apologies were received and approved for Cllr J Clark, Cllr S Mills, Cllr H Wroth & Unitary Cllr J Davies.
73.    To receive declarations of interests
•    None.
74.    Items to be taken in private session

75.    Minutes of the previous meetings
•    The minutes of the meeting held on 17th January 2022 were approved unanimously and signed as a true record.  

76.    Clerk’s Report
•    Following a request from a parishioner for Deer warning signage at Clatford the Kennet Valley Parish Council resolved at a meeting on 7th March 2022 not to support the provision of Deer warning signs at Clatford.  The cost of installation would exceed £1,000, it was felt warning signage should be the responsibility of the Wiltshire Council Highways Department and there has been no evidence presented to support their effectiveness.  Preshute councillors discussed the proposal and resolved not to support the request either.

•    On 2 March 2022 the National Joint Council of Local Government Services agreed new pay rates applicable from 1 April 2021.
•    The Council resolved to agree the back pay for 2021/22 and the annual incremental pay increase from April 1st 2022.  Cllr P Morgan proposed, Cllr I Wroth seconded.
•    Progress is being made on the website and it is hoped this should be able to go live by the end of May.

77.    Report from Unitary Councillor Jane Davies

78.    Rights of Way
•    Preshute 32 – a complaint had been received about hedges obstructing the footpath – Cllr S Mills to be asked to investigate further.  Action Cllr S Mills
•    Signage – Cllr S Mills is still in the process of assessing the status of the footpath and signage.

79.    Traffic
•    Frees Avenue – Preshute has requested the proposals to reduce traffic speeds to be extended further from the Marlborough boundary, at the last meeting it was suggested a combined approach with Ogbourne St Andrew might be beneficial but the Ogbourne St Andrew Parish Council advised they had already tried and failed to get a speed reduction at that location.
•    Flood prevention at Clatford – water still continues to pool outside the bus shelter and on the road to the A4 during heavy rainfall causing dangerous driving conditions.  The Clerk has spoken with Martin Cook from Wiltshire Council who is happy to attend a site meeting to discuss with the landowner.  Contact details of thr landowner will be required.  Action I Wroth
•    CATG – none of the councillors present wished to attend the CATG meetings on a regular basis.
80.    Marlborough Area Board
•    The next meeting is on 22nd March at the Marlborough Town Hall, a report on the draft Preshute Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted.
81.    Policies
The Council adopted the following new policies:
•    Equal Opportunities
•    Bullying & Harrassment
•    Training Statement of Intent
Cllr P Morgan proposed, Cllr J Penn seconded.
82.    Finance
The accounts for the year to March 2022:

Balance carried forward from last year:            £12393.50
Total receipts for the year to March 2022:            £5003.04
Total payments for the year to March 2022:            £6994.67
The available (cash book) balance on 17 March 2022:    £10401.87

The Council approved payments of outstanding cheques:

200042    S Roberts – Salary Feb-March 2022        
200042    S Roberts – Salary annual back pay 2021/22
200043    S Roberts – NP Admin Jan/Feb 2022    
200044    S Roberts – expenses Feb– March 2022     
200045    SLCC- membership subscription share    £41.14
200046    ARK - subscription 2022            £20.00
200047    CPRE – subscription 2022            £50.00

•    BACS – The Clerk has spoken with Barclays who should be sending out the last bits of paperwork required soon.
•    The Council had previously agreed a donation to Preshute Primary School for the upgrade to their play facilities but have been advised they are fundraising for the restoration of the school bell, Cllr P Morgan agreed to find out if they would like the donation to go towards this instead.  Action Cllr P Morgan

83.    Planning
•    PL/2022/01434 – Cotton House farm, Frees Avenue, SN8 4FN for construction of new vehicular access and closure of exisiting  access onto Frees Avenue.  The Council considered the proposal and raised no objection to the application.
•    Glover Report consultation on National Parks and AONB’s – Cllr Peter Morgan circulated a draft response to which the Council agreed to submit in response.  Action Cllr P Morgan 
84.    Neighbourhood Plan (NPWG)
•    The Regulation 14 Community Engagement Consultation is in progress and several responses have been received, these will be reviewed at the end of the consultation period.
85.    Covid Copse
•    The Working Group have not met.
•    A single tree planting with a plaque to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was proposed at the last meeting.  The Council resolved to plant a single Horse Chestnut tree close to the tree at Clatford which had been planted for the Silver Jubilee. 
86.    Correspondence
•    The Council agreed to decline the invitation to the Marlborough College Lent Term Community Meeting.
•    Cllr Peter Morgan advised he had been invited to the Marlborough Town Council Mayor Making ceremony but is unable to attend.
87.    Meeting Dates
•    The Council agreed to hold the Annual Parish Meeting at the Kennet Valley Hall on Wednesday 27th April at 7.30pm
88.    Agenda items for the next meeting
•    Covid Copse
•    Website
•    Neighbourhood Plan
•    Clatford flooding
•    Platinum Jubilee Tree Planting

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.                    This is the last page of the minutes.
The next full council meeting is arranged for Monday 23rd May 2022 at 7.30pm at
Kennet Valley Hall – Lockeridge.

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