Minutes of the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on the 9th November 2020 at 7.30 pm remotely through Zoom.

Present:  Cllr P Morgan (Chair), Cllr H Wroth, Cllr I Wroth, Cllr S Mills & Cllr J Penn.
In attendance:  Mrs S Roberts (Clerk) and Mr S Wilson from Marlborough College.

Public Participation – The representative from Marlborough College advised he was attending on behalf of the College in the interest of being neighbourly.

35.    To receive apologies for absence
•    Cllr P Pearson sent apologies.
36.    To receive declarations of interests
•    None
37.    Items to be taken in private session
•    It was resolved to take the item Homeworking Allowance under No 39, Clerk’s Report in private session.
38.    Minutes of the previous meetings
•    The minutes of the meeting held on 7th September required an addition of the date of the next meeting added and under item 33 bullet point 2 it was noted the letter to be sent was only discussed and not agreed.  The minutes were approved with the amendments and will be signed at the next available opportunity as a true record.  (Cllr S Mills proposed, Cllr I Wroth seconded)
39.    Clerk’s Report
•    Parish notice board - The Clerk has accepted the quotation for the replacement noticeboard which we hope will be replaced shortly.  Cllr I Wroth has checked the existing posts and confirmed they still appear to be in good condition.
•    Dog bins – the Clerk has emailed the Forestry Commission about the provision of a bin at the Clatford end of West Woods, they have indicated they may fund the cost of the bin if the Council pays for the emptying.  A quotation has now been received from Idverde, but the Forestry Commission rejected this due to the size of the proposed bin.  The Clerk has agreed to try and source a smaller bin from an alternative provider. Action Clerk
•    Training – the Clerk will be attending a Budgeting and Finance course on 24th November funded by Fyfield & West Overton Parish Council.  Other training opportunities are coming up regularly for both the Clerk and councillors including New Councillor Training.  The Clerk agreed to advise all councillors of any relevant training opportunities that arise.  Action Clerk
•    Homeworking – the Clerk has purchased a new laptop to enable Parish Council work to be kept separate.  Each council now has a separate login and Microsoft account, files are backed up to the Cloud separately and cannot be viewed between accounts.
•    Mobile Phone – Fyfield & West Overton Parish Council have agreed to purchase a mobile phone to be the new phone number for the council.  This will enable the council phone to be easily transferred when the Clerk is away thus enabling her to put the phone onto an answering service on an evening and when not working.  Preshute Parish Council were invited to consider whether they would like to share this number and a proportion of the cost.  The council discussed the idea and were in favour of the idea but as a phone only and will make a formal decision once the full monthly cost has been established.  This item will be put on the agenda for the next meeting.    Action Clerk
40.    Covid Copse
•    The members of the Covid Copse Working Group are Cllr S Mills, Cllr P Pearson, Cllr J Penn and I Mellor.  Cllr S Mills proposed and Cllr J Penn seconded.  The group have held one meeting so far to discuss ideas fro progressing the initiative.  The next meeting will be in the new year and a report will be provided for the January full council meeting.    Action CCWG
41.    Finance
•    The draft budget for 2021/22 could not be reviewed due to Wiltshire Council being delayed in sending out the Tax Base and funding requests not yet having been received.
•    Cllr Peter Morgan has been in discussions with Preshute Primary School about providing some funding towards their new playground.
•    Discussions took place around donations to the MAPAG and the Marlborough Kids Meals.  It was agreed all donation requests and the budget should be discussed and approved at an EGM to be held at the end of November.
•    The following cheques were approved:

    100534    S Roberts – Clerk’s salary October – November 2020        
    100535    S Roberts – Clerk’s expenses October – November 2020
    100536    S Roberts – Microsoft Family (shared with FWOPC)        £26.66
    100537    Community First – Insurance                        £215.53    

•    Leaving Gift -  the bench with a brass plaque as a commemoration gift for 47 years service was gratefully received by Jean Upton.
42.    Emergency Response
•    Covid19 – The telephone number for help is still displayed on the noticeboard and should residents require any assistance with prescriptions this will be provided.  Requests for help with shopping has not been an issue to date with friends and families working together.
•    SSE Helpline – the SSE has been in contact, they have leaflets outlining the free services they can offer in the event of a power outage.        Action Clerk
•    Cllr S Mills suggested the council consider creating a newsletter early in the New Year.
43.    Planning
•    Neighbourhood Plan – following the decision taken for Preshute to do their own Neighbourhood Plan a registration application was submitted at the end of August.  The application has not yet been progressed due to the need for Preshute to be officially removed from the MANP which is due to take place following the redesignation consultation at the end of November.
•    White Paper on Planning – it was noted the paper had come under a lot of criticism and was likely to be subject to considerable change.  Progress on the paper will be observed and if further consultations take place it will be put on the agenda again.
•    One planning application for works to a TPO tree was discussed.  This had been previously discussed by email and approved, it was agreed the works to the tree were not significant and no objection should be raised.  Cllr PM proposed, Cllr S Mills seconded.
44.    Rights of Way
•    Cllr S Mills provided a report on the Preshute footpaths and highlighted particular areas requiring improved signage and stiles.  These improvements would require working with the land owners and Stephen Leonard from Wiltshire Council.  It was noted some funding would also be desirable due to the current financial constraints on Wiltshire Council.  The Clerk advised any grants would require a 50% contribution from the council and agreed to talk to Andrew Jack from Wiltshire Council about the Marlborough Area Board grants.
•    Cllr Mills is in the process of producing a map with all the Preshute rights of way highlighting where they are either closed or require improvements.
•    Discussions have been ongoing around the addition of new stiles at Manton Hollow on Preshute 27 which are deemed to be excessively high.
45.    Agenda items for the next meeting
•    EGM (late November) – Budget 2021/22
•    Covid Copse
•    Neighbourhood Plan
•    Local Council Elections
•    Annual Meeting & Annual Parish Meeting
Closed Session
A modest increase in the Clerk’s homeworking allowance was agreed to allow for depreciation on the recent purchase of a laptop, printer and shredder for council use.

The meeting closed at 9pm.                    This is the last page of the minutes.

The next full council meeting is arranged for Monday 25th January 2021 at 7.30 pm and will be held remotely by Zoom.