Minutes of the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on the 7th September 2020 at 7.45 pm remotely through Zoom.

Present:  Cllr P Morgan (Chair), Cllr H Wroth, Cllr I Wroth, Cllr S Mills & Cllr J Penn.
In attendance:  Mrs S Roberts (Clerk).

Public Participation – There were no questions or comments from the public.

22.    To receive apologies for absence
        •    Cllr P Pearson sent apologies.
23.    To receive declarations of interests
           •    None

24.    Co-option
        •    This did not take place.

25.    Items to be taken in private session
        •    None.
26.    Minutes of the previous meetings
        •    The minutes of the meeting held on 28th July June were approved and will be signed at the next available opportunity as a true record. 
(Cllr P Morgan proposed, Cllr S Mills seconded)
27.    Clerk’s Report
        •    Parish notice board - The Clerk has requested quotations from 3 contractors but after repeated requests only one has responded in a timely manner.  It was resolved to approve the quotation for £710, which would use the existing posts.  Cllr I Wroth agreed to check the existing posts were still in good condition before final approval.  Action I Wroth
        •    Dog bins – the Clerk has emailed the Forestry Commission about the provision of a bin at the Clatford end of West Woods, they have indicated they may fund the cost of the bin if the Council pays for the emptying.  A quotation has now been received from Idverde and passed onto the Forestry Commission for their consideration.   The Council resolved to cover the cost of one bin with an allocation of £300.

28.    Covid Copse
        •    Cllr Simon Mills agreed to be part of a Covid Copse Working Group.  It was agreed to ask Phillipa Pearson if she would like to join the group as a Councillor and Ian Mellor as a local resident.  Action S Mills

Cllr Peter Morgan lost internet connection at this point, although he was able to join briefly by phone Cllr Simon Mills with the agreement of the other Councillors present went on the Chair the remainder of the meeting.

29.    Finance
        •    The RFO confirmed the commencement date of the exercise of public rights as 3rd August 2020 notice and the exemption certificate for external audit for 2019/20 had been displayed on the noticeboard and the PC website.
        •    The following cheques were approved:
    100531  S Roberts – Clerk’s salary August – September 2020        
    100532 S Roberts – Clerk’s expenses August – September 2020

•    It was noted the Clerk’s salary included back pay from April 1st following a revision to the pay scales from NALC.
•    Leaving Gift -  following some discussion it was agreed to purchase a bench with a brass plaque as a commemoration gift for long service.  Action Cllr P Morgan & Cllr J Penn
•    The Clerk was asked to find out the year when Preshute Council came into existence.  Action Clerk
30.    Data Retention Policy & Working Group Guidelines
        •    The Council resolved to adopt the new Data Retention Policy.  Cllr J Penn proposed & Cllr S Mills seconded.
        •    The Council resolved to adopt the Working Group Guidelines.  Cllr S Mills proposed & Cllr J Penn seconded.

31.    Planning
        •    Neighbourhood Plan – following the decision taken at the last meeting for Preshute to do their own Neighbourhood Plan a registration application was submitted at the end of August.  A Working Group will need to be formed.  Cllr S Mills, Cllr P Morgan & Cllr J Penn agreed to form part of the Working Group.  It was agreed to ask Ian Mellor if he would like to join as a local resident.  Action P Morgan
        •    The White Paper on Planning was not discussed but the Clerk agreed to circulate further details as and when they become available and to be put on the agenda for the November meeting.  Action Clerk    

32.    Highways
        •    Cllr S Mills attended the West of Marlborough Traffic Action Group meeting with Danny Kruger on 14th August to highlight the dangers of traffic speed on the A4 and discuss possible solutions.  This was subsequently reported on in the Press and local media.
        •    The discussion on MTC proposals for the remodelling of the High Street did not take place due to Cllr Peter Morgan who was due to present this having lost internet connection.

33.    Rights of Way
        •    Cllr S Mills reported he has now walked 2/3rds of the Preshute footpaths and is currently recording the state of each path including any styles in need orf repair and replacing, signage requirements and footpaths in need of attention.  He reported most footpaths were well used and in a good state of repair at present.  It was suggested the Council could approach the Marlborough Area Development Trust for funding once the list is complete.  The possibility of a joined up approach with neighbouring Parish Councils was discussed and the idea of providing a local map of the footpaths to be displayed on the noticeboard and website.
        •    The application to register a footpath (not supported by the PC) between Manton West and Lexbury House has been approved.  It was agreed a letter should be written to Wiltshire Council expressing our disappointment at the outcome and requesting proper signage, a style onto the A4 and a dog waste bin at the location.

34.    Agenda items for the next meeting
        •    Covid Copse & Working Group
        •    Footpaths
        •    Neighbourhood Plan
        •    White Paper - Planning
The meeting closed at 9.20pm
This is the last page of the minutes.
The next meeting is arranged for Monday 9th November 2020 at 7.30 pm and will be held remotely by Zoom.


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