Preshute Parish Council
Training Statement of Intent
Preshute Parish Council is committed to provide a level of training for both its members and staff to enable them to undertake their respective roles for the betterment of not only the Council and the Community it serves, but also the councillors’ personnel development.

Training is defined as “a planned process to develop the abilities of the individual and to satisfy the current and future needs of the Organisations”.
Learning can be categorised into the following:
•    Intuitive – learning which happens by chance and we may not be conscious of it.
•    Incidental – learning by reflection on particular events or activities.
•    Retrospective – a system approach to reflecting on activities and identifying what we learned from them.
•    Proactive – planning to learn form an activity, reflecting on it and planning to use what we learned.
It is anticipated that member/staff learning will reflect many of the above.

Training Aims
The Council’s training aims are the following:
1.    To improve the understanding of its members, of their role as a local Councillor, the powers available to the Council and how best to utilise the resource available to the Council for the betterment of the residents it serves.
2.    To provide the necessary training to its staff to ensure that they are able to undertake their respective roles.  
3.    To ensure an acceptable level of succession planning in order to:
A.    Ensure the Council can operate effectively following local elections and potential changes to the Council membership.
B.    Ensure the Council can continue to operate during times where staff may be unavailable (e.g. holidays, sickness staff turnover etc.)
Staff Training
All new Staff to take Induction Training                                                            As and when required
All staff to undertake staff appraisals to develop training needs                        Annually
All office-based staff encouraged to undertake the following, for which the Council will provide financial support:
1. Introduction to Local Council Administration (ILCA)
3.  Financial Introduction to Local Council Administration (FILCA)
4. Certificate in Local Council Administration (CILCA)    On going
All staff are encouraged to read regular publications and update from internet Websites:
The Clerk
NALC    Monthly
All staff are encouraged to attend training relevant to their position on an on-going basis.

Council to allocate a training budget to cover provision of training activities, attendance at conferences and training publications for members & Staff. To be reviewed annually.

Councillors’ Training
All new councillors are provided with New Members Induction Pack following Local Council Elections or Co-option and to receive a short training session as soon as practicable. 
Frequency: At least every 4 years
All Councillors shall review the Code of Conduct within 6 months of the delivery of their declaration of acceptance of office. 
Frequency: On Election to Office
All Councillors are encouraged to attend conferences and training events as appropriate to members and Councils needs and responsibilities.
Frequency: Annually
All Councillors encouraged to read the following publications: The Good Councillor Guide & to Finance & Cyber Security, The Good Employer Guide, Local Council Finance and Governance & Accountability.    
Frequency: On Election to Office

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(Print Name) _________________________________ Chair, Preshute Parish Council
Adopted March 2022