Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting held on Tuesday 8th December 2020 at 7.45pm remotely through Zoom.
Meeting 2 - 2020/21

Present:  Cllr Peter Morgan, Cllr Simon Mills, Ian Mellor and John Clark.
In attendance:  Sophie Roberts (Clerk)
Apologies:  Cllr P Pearson

The minutes of the meeting on 15th October 2020 were approved as a true record and will be signed at the next available opportunity.

It was agreed the meetings should take place monthly at 7pm on either the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Cllr P Morgan agreed to send the updated Terms of Reference to Wiltshire Council and to ask who has been nominated as a Wilrshire Council Link Officer.

The core topics cannot be compiled until after a questionnaire has been distributed round the Parish and there are more members of the Working Group.

A press statement will need to be issued and leaflets delivered to every household in the Parish informing parishioners about the Neighbourhood Plan, explaining what it can and cannot do and asking for volunteers to become involved.  Cllr S Mills and J Clark agreed to put together a draft leaflet for approval at the January meeting.

A questionnaire will need to be compiled to establish what issues are important and need to be included in the Plan.  The questionnaire will also need to go out to a Consultee Group.  Once the questionnaire has gone out one month should be allowed to receive responses.  It was suggested the website could be used as a medium for recording responses.
Once the responses have been received a list of topics can be formed and a meeting called to include those who have volunteered to join the group and topics can then be discussed and some assigned.  It was noted all topics would need to be positive e.g protecting the skyline etc.

When looking at housing requirements the housing figure for the Marlborough Community Area covers 18 different Parishes.
Cllr S Mills agreed to talk to Wootton Rivers who have recently completed their Neighbourhood Plan and may be able to assist with the content of the questionnaire.
Cllr P Morgan will set up a Neighbourhood Plan area on the website.  This will include a current list of members, letter of registration and a plan of the Parish.
The Clerk will compile a database of the members of the Consultee Group.  It was agreed the Electoral Register could be used as a starting point for the households in the Parish.

A list of landowners will be required.  It was suggested the Wroth brothers be asked to assist with compiling this.

Proper mapping will be requisite and significant vantage points will need to be identified.  It was agreed it would be useful to have a landscape architect involved.  Ian Mellor offered to talk to one who had previously been involved in the MANP in the early stages.  

It is possible to apply for a Locality Grant if the group needs to employ someone for expertise in certain areas.

The SEA Scoping Activity is a Strategic Environmental Assessment.  This will take place further down the line and will look at the landscape, moorland and woodlands etc.

The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 19th January at 7pm.

The meeting finished at 9pm