Preshute Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan
Terms of Reference for Working Group
v1.3 24th November 2020

1. Purpose
1.1 The objective of the Preshute Working Group (NPWG) is to produce a sound Neighbourhood Plan for the parish of Preshute that defines spatial planning policy priorities identified by the community. These will take into account all representations made during the plan-making process. The Plan will progress to independent examination and a successful community referendum and ultimately be adopted by Wiltshire Council to become planning policy.
1.2 The NPWG will engage the local community to ensure that the Plan is truly representative of the ambitions of Preshute. The Plan will include an appropriate delivery plan setting out, where relevant, the means by which the policy priorities may be implemented.
1.3 The term community in this document is defined as individuals who live, work or have a special interest in or near Preshute Parish or have relevant special expertise.
1.4 The Plan will be produced in step with the new Wiltshire Council Local Plan and cover the period 2020-2036. The NPWG will review the NP at regular intervals to monitor progress, identify new issues and respond to and take account of any changes in relevant National Policy and Wiltshire Council policy.

2. Principles
2.1 The NPWG will undertake the process in a democratic, transparent and fair fashion, encouraging widespread participation and giving equal consideration to opinions and ideas from all members of the community.
2.2 All decisions made shall be fully evidenced and supported through consultation with the local community.

3. Roles and responsibilities
3.1 To produce, monitor and update a project timetable and champion the preparation of the Preshute NP for the duration of the project;
3.2 To develop a strategy defining each element of the proposed Plan, showing the consultation and engagement strategy and how the public will be involved throughout the process;
3.3 To regularly report back and be accountable to the Parish Council for endorsement of decisions taken;
3.4 To undertake analysis and evidence gathering to support each element of the plan;
3.5 To identify the need for funding and sources for that funding;
3.6 To liaise with relevant authorities and organisations to make the plan as effective as possible.
3.7 To gather data from a wide range of sources to ensure that the conclusions reached are fully evidenced and that the aspirations and issues of all residents are understood;
3.8 To consult as widely and thoroughly as is possible to ensure that the draft and final Plan is representative of the views of residents:
3.9 To agree, subject to ratification by the Parish Council, a final submission version of the Preshute Neighbourhood Plan.

4. Membership
4.1 The NPWG will be made up from Preshute PC Councillors and volunteers from across the community. The NPWG number will be in the range 5 to10.
4.2 Membership can be reviewed and confirmed by the PC at its regular meetings.
4.3 NPWG members must ensure they retain an unbiased view for Preshute Parish as a whole and should not unduly favour particular or specific interests.
4.4 To avoid bias or the appearance of bias, individuals who own or represent organisations that have a financial interest in the outcome of the Plan cannot be members of the NPWG.

5. Decision Making
5.1 The NPWG has delegated authority from the Parish Council to carry out Neighbourhood Planning work up to and including the draft consultation plan, reporting back to the PC at its bi-monthly meetings.
The Parish Council must approve the draft NP before it is published for public consultation under Article 14.
5.2 The plan-making process remains the responsibility of the Parish Council as the qualifying body. All publications, consultation and community engagement exercises will be undertaken by or on behalf of the Parish Council with appropriate recognition of the Parish Council’s position given in all communications associated with the project.

6. Data Protection Policy
Any personal information collected by the Working Group will be stored in compliance with the Preshute Parish Council General Data Protection Policy, a copy of which is detailed on the parish council web-site.
Preshute Parish Council Document Retention Policy (

7. Meetings
7.1 The frequency of the NPWG meetings will be determined at the first meeting and will be subject to review at any time.
7.2 The NPWG will elect a Chair and Vice Chair from its membership. Should either of these positions become vacant, the Group will elect an alternate.
7.3 The Secretary shall keep a record of meetings and circulate notes to Working Group members and the Parish Council in a timely fashion. Minutes shall be made publicly available on the Preshute PC website.
7.4 At least 7 clear days’ notice of meetings shall be sent to members via email.
7.5 Decisions made at NPWG meetings should normally be by consensus. Where a vote is required each member shall have one vote. A minimum of 3 members shall be present where matters are presented for decisions to be taken. A simple majority vote will be required to support any motion. The Chairman shall have one casting vote.

8. Sub-Groups
8.1 The NPWG may establish sub-groups, made up of volunteers from the community to aid them in any Neighbourhood Plan related work.
8.2 Each sub-group should have a lead person from the NPWG.

9. Finance
9.1 All grants and funding will be applied for and held by the Parish Council, who will ring-fence the funds for Neighbourhood Plan work.
9.2 The NPWG will notify the Parish Council of any planned expenditure before it is incurred.
9.3 NPWG members and volunteers from any working groups may claim back any previously agreed expenditure incurred during any Neighbourhood Plan related work.

10. Conduct
10.1  All NPWG members must abide by the principles and practice of the Parish Council Code of Conduct including declarations of interest.
10.2 The NPWG will:
•    Be clear and open when their individual roles or interests are in conflict;
•    Treat everyone with dignity, courtesy and respect regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion and belief;
•    Actively promote equality of access and opportunity.

11. Changes to the terms of reference

11.1 These Terms of Reference may be amended with the support of at least 3 of the current membership at a NPWG Meeting and with the approval of the parish council.