Minutes of the initial pre - Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting held on Thursday 15th October 2020 at 7.45pm remotely through Zoom.

Present:  Cllr Peter Morgan, Cllr Simon Mills and Ian Mellor.

In attendance:  Sophie Roberts (Clerk)

Apologies:  None

Objectives – To agree the Terms of Reference, Wiltshire Council Neighbourhood Plan Area application form and Wiltshire Council NP Area consent form.

1.    The application for a Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted.  Acknowledgement has been received from Morgan Jones but not from Mr Kilmister.
Cllr S Mills discussed the positives and negatives of doing an NP and asked whether there were risks associated with how it is managed.
It was agreed this would be a community plan to meet the local needs. It was noted the whole of the designated area of Preshute is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is therefore protected from development.

Once the plan has been registered the local community need to be informed.  Topics will need to be discussed and a call put out for people to join the Working Group.  It was noted there should be a difference between Working Group members and Stakeholders (landowners) with Stakeholders feeding in information rather than being members of the group.  It was acknowledged that a Link Officer from Wiltshire Council would want to attend meetings.
Employment opportunities will need to be considered and a call put out for possible employment sites.
Environmental issues would also need to be factored into the Plan.

It was agreed a leaflet should be produced in January inviting households to get involved   and join the Working Group.

2.    Peter Morgan was elected as Chair of the Working Group.
It was noted another councillor would be required for the group to be quorate.
3.    The Terms of reference have already been agreed by email.

4.    It was agreed to ask other members of the PC at the November meeting if they would like to join the group.

5.    A list of possible contacts/partners were discussed:
NWD AONB, Forestry Commission, National Trust, Historic England, Natural England, ARK, Environment Agency, Ancient Monuments Commission, Space for Nature, NFU, Ramblers, Wiltshire Wildlife and the RSPB.

6.    The NP application form and area consent form have been completed and are ready to send.

7.    Timeline – Ian Mellor has kindly drawn up a Timeline – attached.

8.    Ian Mellor advised funding is available for Neighbourhood Plans.
Funds would be required initially for informing the residents £200.  A further £500 would be likely for a consultation.

9.    Cllr Simon Mills agreed to deal with mapping.

10.    It was agreed the group would meet again in December.

The meeting finished at 9pm.