Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting held on Tuesday 19th January 2021 at 7pm remotely through Zoom.
Meeting 3 - 2020/21

Present:  Cllr Peter Morgan, Cllr Simon Mills, Ian Mellor and John Clark.
In attendance:  Sophie Roberts (Clerk)
Apologies:  None

22.    The minutes of the meeting on 8th December 2020 were approved as a true record and will be signed at the next available opportunity.

23.    Following a meeting with the Wootton Rivers Parish Council, Cllr Simon Mills reported back on their feedback on how they developed their Neighbourhood Plan.
It took them approximately 3 years to complete and they stuck to their timescales.
They obtained funding from Groundwork.
They started with an exhibition at the Village Hall – they used this to set the scene and capture comments.  This was then used to produce a questionnaire which was physically delivered to every household.  The response rate to the questionnaire was over 80%.
They held 2 – 4 sessions with the whole Parish Council and a mid-term session with the local community.  The Working Group itself met twice a week for many weeks.
Their advice was to:
Refer to appropriate national, regional and local policies and where appropriate get specific statements relating to Preshute.
Keep good records – recording all interactions, documents, meeting notes etc.
Communication with the local community is important.
Use the Wiltshire Council Link Officer (WCLO) -Check the plan, share the questionnaire, make sure everything is in writing.
In terms of Planning, he recommended specifying general terms and conditions of what Preshute would find acceptable but not to call for sites.
The three main issues were:
Property/Buildings – how to categorise and conditions they would feel comfortable accepting.
Roads and Byways – many issues – narrow roads, tractors, delivery vehicles, walkers, cyclists etc.  Need to liaise with Highways and refer to guidelines.
AONB – how to utilize and promote it – tranquility, assets, recreation etc.

He came away feeling they had done a professional and thorough job and had engaged well with their community.
He was alarmed at the amount of time invested in the exercise and this highlighted the importance of having a committed and larger team to deliver the project.

•    The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) would only be applicable if specific sites are identified in the NP.  Wiltshire Council (WC) have their own consultancy department who can carry out a preliminary assessment.
It was noted a WCLO has been appointed – Mark Henderson.
•    The deadline for Locality Funding for 2020/21 is 29th January 2021.  It was agreed the full grant should be applied for of £10,000 to cover the cost of building a new website, printing of leaflets and questionnaires, use of Survey Monkey and paying for the services of a Landscape Architect.  Action Cllr Peter Morgan  

•    Ian Mellor gave a brief outline of the Wiltshire Council Local Plan and how it might affect Preshute.  He agreed to draft a response on the Marlborough Area Planning aspect for discussion at the next Parish Council meeting.  He could not see anything in the Rural Area Planning proposal that would be of concern but recommended encouraging all the councillors to read the plan and to discuss further at the Parish Council meeting to draw their own conclusions.

24.    Media Statement – Cllr Peter Morgan circulated a draft Media Statement.  It was agreed it was a little long and needed to focus more on the needs of the Preshute residents.  Action Cllr Peter Morgan

25.    Leaflet – the Group looked at the leaflet and all agreed it was coming together well.  It was noted the map would be better if it is put into context with its surroundings.  It was also agreed to remove any reference to housing developments but to instead ask for land available for tree planting or disused buildings for re-use.  Action Cllr Simon Mills

26.    Questionnaire – this needs to be short and relevant to the size of the Parish and its needs with approximately six open questions to encourage ideas.   Possible questions to include:  Do you think there is a requirement for local needs housing?  Do you support the idea of using disused buildings as work- spaces?  Action Cllr Simon Mills. The idea of hand delivering the leaflets and questionnaire was supported.

27.    Landscape Architect – The Group reviewed a quotation from a local Landscape Architect.  All the Group were in favour of using a very local architect who is familiar with this area.  The quotation will need to be reviewed and agreed by the whole Parish Council and will be subject to receipt of a Locality Grant.  An alternative quotation will need to be sought in line with the Parish Council Financial Regulations.

28.    Website – Cllr Peter Morgan has kindly put together some draft web pages about the NP.  It was agreed the addition of a colour map would be helpful and to add in some information about the proposal to reuse redundant buildings and, also employment.
The Clerk suggested a new website host, they are currently building a website for Kennet Valley Parish Council, are on a WordPress platform and have already built several local Parish Council websites.  It was agreed to put this on the next Parish Council meeting agenda for consideration.  Action Clerk

29.    Key Agencies and Bodies – Once both the Media Statement and leaflet are complete, they will need to be circulated to the appropriate agencies and bodies accompanied by a letter.   

30.    The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 2nd February at 7pm.

The meeting finished at 8.40pm