Preshute Neighbourhood Plan Timeline
1 June 2021 v0.6
Numerical stages referred to are the Wiltshire Council NP Template

October 2020
•    Establish NP Working Group (S1.2) Complete
•    Develop objectives, priorities and vision with topics that may be considered. (S1.3A) Complete
•    Define the Neighbourhood Area (S1.5)  Complete
•    Apply to WC for registration of NP (S1.6).  Complete

November 2020
•    Acceptance of application (registration) for NP by Wiltshire Council (S1.7)  Complete

December 2020
•    WC case officer allocated to advise. Complete
•    Construct NP website and outline resident questionnaire. Complete
•    Identify what evidence base is required and what other expertise may be required eg. landscape analysis, environmental and sustainability assessment, etc. Complete
•    Prepare schedule of contacts/stakeholders. For instance: NWD AONB officers, Forestry England, English Nature, WC officers, National Trust, Historic England, Marlborough Downs Space for Nature. Complete
•    Prepare schedule of all major landowners in NP area, prepare list of names and addresses of all local residents Outstanding

Initial Community Engagement
•    Prepare leaflet with a questionnaire for all consultees and local residents advising them of the NP, the type of topics it could consider, the timeline, and seeking replies to the questionnaire - by email. The leaflet will seek views on any other topics we should consider and any issues of concern to consultees and residents, and asking if anyone wants to join the NP working party (accepting conditions defined in the Terms of Reference). Complete
•    Publish leaflet, website and involve media to maximise public engagement and involvement. Allow 28 days for replies. Complete

Developing the draft Plan (S2.8)
•    First Community Engagement consultation by leaflet, questionnaire & online (28 days). Complete
•    Develop first 'Travelling Draft' of NP document (major headings, etc). Complete
•    Prepare an introduction to the NP ie. history of Preshute and a position statement setting out its main characteristics in terms of landscape, archaeology, economy, issues, people, community etc. On Travelling draft
•    Carry out some analysis of issues and topics including preparing a map of the NP area, showing all important features eg, woodlands, rivers , roads and buildings. A second map can identify all statutory designations, eg. listed buildings, ancient monuments, SSSIs, etc. In progress with Contractor
•    Prepare a map showing all statutory footpaths, cycleways, bridlepaths, BOATs -bridleways open to all traffic etc. In progress with Contractor
•    Consider responses to the first public consultation and develop draft objectives and aims for the NP. Developing in Travelling Draft
•    Prepare map showing all skylines and sensitive areas eg. setting of Marlborough using contours and evidence from AONB. In progress with Contractor
•    Using these maps and the responses from landowners to consider locations for limited new employment areas, and small- scale housing areas for local needs social homes locations for tree planning etc
•    Using the maps and on-the-ground research, identify whether there is a need to improve signage of rights of way to show where they are and how they can and cannot be used.

•    Consider all other issues of relevance eg. car parks on private land and West Woods, issues and management etc managing tourists and visitors.
•    Possible detailed discussions with interested landowners for employment areas and small scale housing areas.
•    SEA Stage B - Assessing the effect of the NP proposals and preparing an environmental report (SEA Stage C).

August- September;
•    Develop a draft text and plans pulling together the core data above and using the workable ideas and suggestions from the initial public leaflet exercise. This would be the first draft of the plan.
•    Publish this first draft on the NP/Preshute PC website and other media eg Marlborough News and email it to all local consultees and residents for comments.
•    Consulting on the SEA Environmental report (SEA Stage D).

•    Review all comments and all matters of relevance eg. what Marlborough TC are doing with their NP close to the boundary with Preshute; any recent planning permissions or applications , changes to the Government or legislation etc.
•    Prepare draft plan - completion of S2.8.

Jan – March;
•    Carry out ‘Article 14' 6 week public consultation ie. consult everyone for 10 (6?) weeks (S2.9)

•    Review comments and make any amendments

•    Send updated draft plan to WC for assessment whether all necessary procedures have been followed (2.10)

June- September;
•    If process & submission OK, WC publish the plan for consultation on their website for 10 weeks. (S2.11)

•    WC appoint an Inspector and submit plan for inspection . The Inspector will consider whether it is a sound plan and he can suggest or make changes to it. (S2.12)

•    Draft Plan accepted by Inspector and WC.

March -April;
•    WC arrange a local referendum on the plan . If there is a simple majority who support the plan it can then be adopted (Plan is 'Made', S2.14)