Minutes of the Preshute Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting held on Tuesday 28th September 2021 at 7pm
at 12 Manton Hollow, Manton, Marlborough SN8 1RR.
Meeting 6 - 2021/22
Present:  Cllr Peter Morgan, Cllr Simon Mills, Cllr John Clark and Ian Mellor.
In attendance:  Sophie Roberts (Clerk)        Apologies:    Sally Faber

48.     The minutes of the meeting on 23 August 2021 were approved as a true record.

49.    Finance – The final bill has not yet been received from Cunnane.  Once this has been received an application for a further Locality Grant will need to be made to include possible other costs relating to the next consultation etc.
50.    Travelling Draft Status
The Group noted V16 of the Travelling Draft had been sent to Simon Nott, Wiltshire Council Link Officer who has responded by email with some comments and has requested a meeting once the group have had time to digest and address these.

The Group reviewed the comments:
•    Policies within the Preshute NP must be either new or amendments to the current Core Strategy, they must not repeat what is already there.
•    All policies need to be positively written.
•    The term ‘Development’ does not just relate to building work therefore ‘No Development’ is classified as too restrictive, if used at all it should be very specific to the type of development the Group is seeking to exclude and be backed up by sound reasoning giving an outline of what would be acceptable.
•    Some of the policies are more ‘aspirations’, these should be moved to the end and identified as aspirations.

The group reviewed suggestions from Ian Mellor to the policies which included a pre-amble outlining the lack of policies within the Wiltshire Core Strategy specific to the North Wessex Downs AONB.
It was agreed to remove policy PRES 2 making the existing policy 3 now policy 2.
Additions were made to newly numbered policies 3, 4 and 6.
The original policy 11 was retained and became policy 7 and a new policy 8 about supporting equestrian and agricultural business was added.
The original policies 8, 9 & 10 become ‘aspirations’ under a new heading of ‘Community Aspirations and recommendations to Preshute Parish Council, Wiltshire Council and AONB and voluntary groups’.   

51.    Next Steps
It was agreed to revise the draft to incorporate the policy changes.  Action IM & PM
Cllr Simon Mills agreed to take photos of views to record on maps.  Action SM
Dialogue to be opened with the owner of a piece of land to explore the possibility for very small-scale development.  Action IM & PM
A list of Scheduled Monuments and Listed Buildings to be added to the appendixes.  Action PM

52.    Next Stage
Once the new revisions have been made to the Travelling Draft it should once again be shared with the Wiltshire Council Link Officer and a Zoom meeting arranged.
The Draft will then need to be shared with Key agencies for comment.

The next stage will be to finalise the draft plan to be considered by the PC.  A six-week public consultation would follow.  Any revisions to the plan following the consultation would need to be made and a report compiled.  The final draft should be approved by the PC in January/February and then submitted to WC formally under Article 15 in March 2022.

53.    Progress on Timeline
The group agreed the proposed timelines were currently being met.

54.    Date of next meeting 2nd November 2021
The meeting finished at 9 pm.