Minutes of the Preshute Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting held on Tuesday 15th March 2021 at 7pm remotely through Zoom.
Meeting 7 - 2020/21

Present:  Cllr Peter Morgan, Cllr Simon Mills, Ian Mellor and Cllr John Clark.
In attendance:  Sophie Roberts (Clerk)                    Apologies:  None

57.    The minutes of the meeting on 2nd March 2021 were approved as a true record and will be signed at the next available opportunity.

58.    Finance
The Clerk agreed to carry out the reporting for the grant usage from Groundwork for 2019/20.  Action S Roberts

59.    Community Engagement
It was noted 12 surveys had been completed online and 3 postal ones returned so far with more promised.  Some comments had been received but no offers of help.  Cllr Mills offered to pull all the information together into a spreadsheet once all the likely responses have been received.  It was agreed a follow up note and posters may be required to keep up the momentum and encourage residents to return their questionnaires.  Action S Mills

60.    Stakeholders & Landowners
Letters have now gone out to 13 stakeholders and agencies and most of the known landowners have been sent a copy of the leaflet and questionnaire.  Some discussion took place about CPRE membership, it was agreed to put this to the Parish Council at their meeting on Monday for consideration.  It was noted the NWD AONB in their Management Plan indicate support for some fringe development outside Marlborough in the AONB.  It was agreed a letter should be written to the NWD AONB clarifying the current availability of brownfield land in Marlborough and questioning given the current level of land available whether it is either appropriate or necessary to consider greenfield AONB land on the fringes of Marlborough. A copy of our submission to Wiltshire Council on the Draft Local Plan should be included and request a copy of theirs. Action P Morgan

61.    Landscape Architect
Receipt of our cheque has been acknowledged.  Cllr Mills has discussed briefly with them the format of the mapping.  Ian Mellor agreed to make contact to progress.  Action I Mellor

62.    Public Engagement
The media statement should now be released to Marlborough News and the Gazette & Herald.  Action P Morgan

63.    Website
The existing website is receiving regular updates; a reminder will need to be added to the front page about filling in questionnaires.  The new website has been created and is ready to be reviewed by members of the PC before being populated, it is not known at this stage how long this will take.  The Clerk is due to attend a WordPress training course next week which she hopes will make it easier for her to navigate round the different functions of the website.

64.    Working Draft of Plan
This will now be referred to as the ‘Travelling Draft’.  The Group looked at the current brief list of suggested headings and content and a few suggestions were made for additions.  It was agreed there needs to be an Introduction which could be worked on before the next meeting.

65.    Neighbourhood Plan Group name
The Clerk suggested the name may require changing from a Working Group to a Committee which would mean more prompt notification of meetings on the website.
The Code of Conduct.

66.    Agenda items for the next meeting
Declarations of Interests
Code of Conduct
Public Participation
Travelling Draft

67.    The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 30th March at 7pm.