Minutes of the Preshute Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting held on Tuesday 2nd November 2021
remotely by Zoom.
Meeting 7 - 2021/22
Present:  Cllr Peter Morgan, Cllr Simon Mills, Cllr John Clark and Ian Mellor.
In attendance:  Sophie Roberts (Clerk)        Apologies:    Sally Faber

48.     The minutes of the meeting on 28 September 2021 were approved as a true record.

49.    Finance – The final costing has not yet been received from Cunnane.  Once this has been received an application for a further Locality Grant will need to be made to include possible other costs relating to the next consultation etc. Action Clerk & Cllr P Morgan
The additional costs were discussed as follows:
The group agreed to consult by mailshot and through the website and given the size of the Parish with all in agreement not to hold an exhibition.
A booklet would be produced, possibly 8 pages, 10 sides. 60 copies.  A quotation would be required for printing costs.   Action Cllr S Mills
A current Electoral Register would be required for the mail shot.  Action Clerk
50.    Travelling Draft Status
The Group had received the notes from the meeting held with Simon Nott, Wiltshire Council Link Officer.  The latest version of the Travelling Draft has been amended to incorporate his advice.  In particular the Group noted his comments about the need for plans to be positively written and to bring focus to local issues, he suggested viewing both the Compton Bassett  and the Bremhill Neighbourhood Plans as good examples.

The group discussed the possibility of small-scale development in the Parish.  The Group agreed to send a copy of the Travelling Draft highlighting the relevant policy to the land owner for consideration.  Action Cllr P Morgan

All Key Agencies can now be sent a copy of the Draft Neighbourhood Plan for comments to include a date to respond by.  Acton Cllr P Morgan.

The Group decided it would not be necessary to include the skyline photographs.

51.    Next Steps
The responses from the Key Agencies will need to be reviewed and recommended additions considered for inclusion.
The Group discussed the format of the booklet for the Community Engagement.  The following items will need to be included:
Outcome of the previous consultation.
Policies in full.
Map of area considered for development.
Request for further input.

The mailshot will include an SAE as before and will also be available on the website.
The Draft Neighbourhood Plan will need to be formally approved at the January Parish Council meeting ahead of the Public Consultation.

Covid Copse – Sally Faber to contact landowners for consideration of tree site allocation.  Action S Faber

The Group noted Plan 14 was missing from the latest version (24), this will need to be added.  Action Cllr P Morgan

52.    Next Stage
The next stage will be to finalise the draft plan to be considered by the PC.  A six-week public consultation would follow.  Any revisions to the plan following the consultation would need to be made and a report compiled.  The final draft should be approved by the PC in January/February and then submitted to WC formally under Article 15 in March 2022.

53.    Progress on Timeline
The group agreed the proposed timelines were currently being met.

54.    Date of next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 7th December at 7pm by Zoom.    

The meeting finished at 8.15 pm.