Minutes of the Preshute Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting held on Tuesday 2nd June 2021 at 7pm remotely through Zoom.
Meeting 3 - 2021/22
Present:  Cllr Peter Morgan, Cllr Simon Mills, Ian Mellor and Sally Faber.
In attendance:  Sophie Roberts (Clerk)        Apologies:  Cllr John Clark and Barbara Hunt.

Cllr P Morgan welcomed the new member Sally Faber to the other members of the Working Group.

22.     The minutes of the meeting on 27th April 2021 were approved as a true record and will be signed at the next available opportunity.

23.    Election of Vice-Chair – Cllr Simon Mills was elected as Vice-Chair of the PNPWG.  Cllr P Morgan proposed, Ian Mellor seconded.

24.    Terms of Reference – Cllr Peter Morgan had suggested some changes to the Terms of Reference.  The number of days-notice required for a meeting has been reduced to three and the Group can spend up to £250 of budgeted funds without prior approval of the full Parish Council. The amended Terms of Reference will need to be approved by the Parish Council at their June meeting and a copy sent to Wiltshire Council.  Action Clerk & Cllr P Morgan

Code of Conduct- Cllr Peter Morgan had produced a revised Code of Conduct for the Group.  The Clerk agreed to go through it and remove the parts which are Councillor specific before the next meeting.  Action Clerk

25.    Finance – It was noted Cunnane Landscape Architects are currently invoicing the Parish Council monthly rather than in stages.  It was agreed to ask Cunnane if they could alter this to stages as we do not want to be applying for several Locality Grants in one year to cover this.  The Group agreed they would also like to see some mapping and results before paying any more invoices.  The Clerk agreed to send Sally Faber and Barbara Hunt a copy of the Cunnane proposal for their reference.  Action Clerk

26.    Cunnane Town Planning – the expectation is to receive about 17 plans.  The first plans will be factual, the analysis that follows will be important.  Once the first plans are received it is important for the Group to have a clear objective and it will be necessary to have a Zoom meeting with Cunnane to outline what the Group wants out of the maps.  Ian Mellor agreed to study the maps from Cunnane initially.  Action I Mellor

27.    Travelling Draft – The Group agreed the draft is starting to take shape and Cllr Simon Mills ran briefly through the current chapters.
Chapter 1, Introduction to Preshute – almost complete.
Chapter 2, The Preshute Neighbourhood Plan– Requires more information.
Chapter 3, The Preshute Parish Today – The Group discussed additions for this section.  It was agreed it would need details of the population, employment and current land usage.  A description (scattered houses etc.) would be helpful to give readers a thumbnail sketch into the character of the Parish.  Sally Faber agreed to add into this section about the equestrian activity in the area to include how many equestrian businesses there are and details of other businesses in Preshute.  Action S Faber
 Cllr S Mills agreed to look at adding more detail to this chapter.  Action S Mills
Chapter 4, Public Consultation, the Group looked at the analysis and it was suggested the overall scoring system could reflect the actual need rather than averages.  If there is a need for something this needs to be considered in the Plan.  Cllr Simon Mills agreed to review the analysis.  Action S Mills
Chapter 5, Planning Policies - this is now comprehensive.
28.    Website – The Clerk expects to make some progress on the new website this month.  Action Clerk.

29.    Tree Planting – ideas of a Copse or an Avenue of trees were discussed with possible of Downs Lane or the Manton to Clatford Road.  It was noted roadside trees on any main roads would require consent of Wiltshire Council who are responsible for the verges.  It was suggested about 200 trees could be planted to celebrate coming out of the Pandemic which could be sourced free of charge from the Woodland Trust.  Negotiations would need to take place with landowners once potential suitable sites have been identified. The trees could go along a Right of Way and there could be more than one Avenue or Copse of trees.  Agricultural legislation would also need to be taken into consideration.  It was agreed it would be easier to pinpoint possible locations if each member of the Group had an OS map image of the Parish.  Ian Mellor agreed to drop off a A3 version with the Clerk to copy, reduce to A4 and circulate by email.  Action I Mellor & Clerk.

30.    Progress and timescales – the Group agreed they were currently on track with their proposed timescale. 

31.    The next meeting will take place in May on 28th June at 7pm at Cotton House Farm. 

The meeting finished at 8.30 pm.