Minutes of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting held on Tuesday 2nd February 2021 at 7pm remotely through Zoom.
Meeting 4 - 2020/21
Present:  Cllr Peter Morgan, Cllr Simon Mills, Ian Mellor and Cllr John Clark.
In attendance:  Sophie Roberts (Clerk)                    Apologies:  None

31.    The minutes of the meeting on 19th January 2021 were approved as a true record and will be signed at the next available opportunity.

32.    Finance - The application for the Locality Grant for 2020/21 is in progress.  Cllr Peter Morgan has confirmed with Cunnane Town Planning the fees will need to be split across the financial years.  The Group agreed to budget for an additional two hours per week for administration by the Clerk for the Neighbourhood Plan.  The Preshute Parish Council Budget for 2020/21 will need to be revised and approved at the next Parish Council meeting to reflect the revised costs of the Neighbourhood Plan and receipt of the Locality Grant.  Action Clerk

33.    News & Updates – Cllr Peter Morgan attended two Webinars about the Draft Wiltshire Council Local Plan.  It was noted Preshute Parish Council are due to agree a response to the Draft Wiltshire Council Local Plan at the end of February.  Ian Mellor commented on Core Policy 48 being far too restrictive and all Neighbourhood Plans should be following the same timescale as the Strategic Plan.

34.    Media Statement – the Media Statement needs shortening to around 4 sentences.  Action Cllr P Morgan

35.    Leaflet – the Group looked at the revised leaflet and made a few minor adjustments.  It was agreed the leaflet should be delivered primarily to residents of the Parish with some additional ones being delivered to the stables at Manton and others being sent out to relevant groups.  Although completion online would be encouraged, an SAE will be enclosed with the leaflet which should encourage a higher return rate.  It was proposed to deliver the leaflets by hand.  Cllr Simon Mills agreed to obtain quotations for printing around 200 trifold copies.  Action Cllr Simon Mills

36.    Questionnaire – Cllr Simon Mills shared a revised and shortened questionnaire with the Group.  The questionnaire will be distributed with the leaflet and will also be available online.

37.    Website – the Parish Council have approved a new website designed by NetWise UK.  The website will be funded by the Locality Grant and the Clerk will keep the Group updated with progress on this.  She does not expect this to take long to get up and running as it follows a template format and is relatively easy to upload the content to and maintain.  Action Clerk

38.    Networking – The Clerk has created a spreadsheet of the Key Agencies & Contacts who will need to be contacted once we have some proposals in place.

39.    The next meeting will take place on Tuesday 16th February at 7pm.
The meeting finished at 9pm.