Minutes of the Preshute Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting held on Monday 28th June 2021 at 7pm at Cotton House Farm
Meeting 4 - 2021/22
Present:  Cllr Peter Morgan, Cllr Simon Mills, Cllr John Clark, Ian Mellor and Sally Faber.
Apologies:  Sophie Roberts (Clerk)

32.     The minutes of the meeting on 2nd June 2021 were approved as a true record.

33.    Code of Conduct – Cllr Peter Morgan had suggested some changes to the proposed NPWG Code of Conduct, to reflect that some members of the group did not have the same obligations as full Councillors.  The revised CoC was discussed and the new draft approved. Proposed by: Cllr S. Mills; Seconded Cllr J. Clark

34.    Finance
In the absence of the Clerk, there was no discussion on NP financing.

35.    Landscape Architect
It was noted that the remainder of the Cunnane Town Planning charges will be paid on invoicing after delivery of the mapping data.
The absence of output to date was of concern to the WG. Cllr Morgan had emailed and called Cunnane and had been unable to receive a response. The lack of output is currently dragging the Timeline goals for the production of the Travelling Draft and the development of the NP objectives.
Action: IM to call Mr J. Cunnane to determine schedule for map delivery.

36.    Travelling Draft
•    Cllr Mills handed out hardcopies of v0.4 of the Travelling Draft and there was general agreement that it is providing a very workable framework on which to build Preshute's objectives and policies for future land management.
•    With multiple inputs now being made to the Travelling Draft, it was agreed Cllr S. Mills remains the document's main owner. The Dropbox facility allows individual chapter authors to make revisions. The meeting agreed when this happens, each author must up issue the main document after the new copy is inserted. This should ensure everybody is working on the same top level document.

37.    Travelling Draft status
The TD has now been updated to reflect IM's suggested chapter headings.
The format of the document is as follows:
        Introduction (All)
        Introduction to Preshute (All)
        Preshute Parish Today (SM & SF)
        Public Consultation and Local Issues (SM)
        Planning Context (IM)
        Area planning designations (IM)
        NP Policies
        Implementation, Monitoring & Review
There was significant discussion focused on the importance of the TD reflecting this was a land use plan. With some 17 maps commissioned from the landscape architect, it is the WG intention to use these to identify policies and generic criteria that will drive consideration of for instance, very small scale affordable housing and re-use of redundant buildings.
It was noted that a landowner in West Overton has successfully brought forward a small exception site offering a mix or market and affordable housing. This activity is stalled awaiting the first map outputs. Every effort must be made to have this output by the next meeting (refer to action 35 above).
Action: Complete editorial review of the existing v0.4 document (PM)
Action: Formulate more detailed small housing development criteria (IM)
Action: Formulate derelict redundant buildings criteria (for possible business use, tourism or affordable housing. (IM)
Action: Formulate wording for stakeholders in specific areas (IM)

38.    Website
In the absence of the Clerk, this item will be discussed at the next meeting.

39.    Tree Planting
The discussion focused on identifying suitable locations to plant a sufficient number of trees to make an impact. The WG agreed we need to identify suitable locations before we approach the Woodland Trust with a proposal.
Action: Prepare draft note to key landowners advising of Preshute's tree planting objective, defining location criteria and asking for possible sites.

40.    Progress and timescales
The WG agreed the lack of delivery of even the first maps was now holding up progress. The meeting agreed the main objective is to have the first draft of the Pre-Submission Plan ready within the original timeline objective.

41.    Items for next meeting
Agree second focused community engagement dialogue
Integration of mapping data into TD
Status of new website

42.    The next meeting will take place on 23rd August at 7pm at TBA.