Minutes of the Preshute Neighbourhood Plan Working Group meeting held on Monday 19th January 2022 remotely by Zoom.
Meeting 9 - 2021/22
Present:  Cllr Peter Morgan, Cllr Simon Mills, Cllr John Clark and Ian Mellor.
In attendance:    Sophie Roberts (Clerk).
Apologies:    Sally Faber.

62.     The minutes of the meeting on 7th December 2021 were approved as a true record.

63.    Finance
Following receipt of the final quotation from Cunnane it was noted the scope of work after the mapping had already been carried out by the Working Group.  Ian Mellor and Cllr Peter Morgan met with Jo Cunnane in late December who agreed there would be no more monies owing.  Given the difficulties with the process of obtaining Locality Funding, which was causing a huge headache for all, it was agreed to press on without requesting the cost of the leaflet printing and distribution.
Cllr John Clark unfortunately lost connection and left the meeting.
64.    Preshute PC approval status of draft Plan & leaflet for Regulation 14 Consultation.
The Preshute Parish Council formally approved the draft Neighbourhood Plan and leaflet at their meeting on January 17th ahead of the proposed Regulation 14 Consultation.
65.    Draft Pre-submission Plan Status
Several responses have been received from the Key Agencies consulted.  The response from Natural England prompted an update to one of the policies.
A copy of the leaflet will need to be sent to Unitary Cllr Jane Davies and to the owner of the Elm Tree Business Park.  The Link Officer, Simon Nott will also require a copy with a note explaining we are moving to Regulation 14 on 7th February 2022.
A short statement needs to be given to Marlborough News advising the Preshute consultation draft of the Neighbourhood Plan for Regulation 14 will be available on the website from 7th February to 25th March.  Action Cllr P Morgan
66.    Public consultation leaflet
The leaflet was reviewed by the Group.  The map would require replacing with one which puts Preshute into context with Marlborough and the surrounding villages.
Questions were added at the end asking if the responder lived or worked in the Parish or elsewhere and whether they are generally in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan.
Cllr Peter Morgan agreed to carry out the necessary updates and circulate by email for approval.  Action Cllr P Morgan
The leaflet will be distributed by post in an A5 envelope to all households in the Parish and will include a stamped addressed envelope as with the previous consultation.  There will also be the opportunity to respond on the website.
Simon Mills agreed to obtain quotations for printing 80-100 leaflets.  Action Cllr S Mills
Sophie Roberts agreed to print the labels using the data from the most recent Electoral Register.  Action Clerk

67.    Inclusion of QR code/online response using Survey Monkey
The group agreed as there are very few questions on the leaflet and written responses are to be encouraged there would be no point in using Survey Monkey.
68.    Website preparation for Regulation 14 consultation
Ian Mellor commented that the maps on the Neighbourhood Plan on the website (version 28) were not very clear and could the resolution be improved to enable them to be printed off?  Action Cllr P Morgan
The website will require a link button to respond to the questionnaire.
The website should now only be showing the draft NP, the consultation leaflet and the link to respond.  The minutes need moving to a separate area.
69.    Decision on start of Regulation 14 consultation 7th February – 25th March
The group agreed the timescale could be met and the leaflets would need to be posted out on the 3rd February to achieve this successfully.
The Clerk agreed to collate all responses ahead of the March meeting.  Action Clerk

70.    Progress on Timeline
The group agreed they were currently ahead of the initial proposed timelines.
The Covid Copse Working Group needs to meet before the March meeting to identify sites for tree planting.  It would still be possible to add locations to the NP if they can be agreed before the final submission.
A report will need to be compiled containing details of all consultations carried out and responses in preparation for the final submission to Wiltshire Council.
71.    Date of next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 30th March 2022 at 7pm.
The Group will discuss the responses from the Regulation 14 leaflet, any amendments required following these responses and preparation for the submission to Wiltshire Council for assessment in April.   

The meeting finished at 8.20 pm.