Preshute Parish Council

Procedure for Conducting Co-options

Casual Vacancies
On confirmation from Electoral Services that a casual vacancy must be filled by co-option, the Clerk will insert an advertisement into the press notifying there is a vacancy with the reason for it and confirming there is to be a co-option.  The advertisement must also state the rules for eligibility and direct interested parties to write to the Clerk confirming their eligibility to sit on the Parish Council, including a short statement explaining the reasons s/he wants to become a Parish Councillor.  There will be a deadline for responses of not less than 6 weeks from the date of the insertion.  The date of the meeting when the co-option is to be made will be stated in the advertisement.
Nominees must also be made aware that canvassing of Council members will disqualify them from standing for the vacancy.

At the Meeting
At the Council meeting when the co-option takes place, each nominee will be invited to speak for up to 3 minutes.  When all the nominees have spoken the Chairman shall seek proposers and seconders for each nomination (whether or not they have spoken) and the vote will follow.  The voting process will follow standing order 8(a) below.  In order to be co-opted onto the Council, the candidate must receive an absolute majority of the vote of those present and voting.

b) After the full Parish Council Elections
In the event of vacancies following the close of nominations for the full Parish Council elections, the Clerk shall follow the above procedure to fill the vacancies and the co-option(s) will take place at the first possible Parish Council meeting.

Standing Order 8a: Voting on Appointments
Where more than 2 persons have been nominated for a position to be filled by the Council and none of those persons has received an absolute majority of votes in their favour, the name of the person having the least number of votes shall be struck off the list and a fresh vote taken. This process shall continue until a majority of votes is given in favour of one person. A tie in votes may be settled by the casting vote exercisable by the chairman of the meeting.