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Preshute NP outline subject areas

When we considered our future land use in Preshute until 2036, our Councillors suggested the following subject areas.

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1 Supporting rural housing and meeting local needs
To support existing housing needs and considering how young people can live and work in the parish.
To investigate the requirement and feasibility of controlled, small scale affordable housing using exception sites and defining the strict rural criteria for such sites. This initiative to explore the possible encouragement and sponsorship for the establishment of a local, small scale housing trust to provide accommodation for local people who work in the local area.
To assist in securing the protection and survival of old traditional buildings by considering new uses for old buildings (for residential or employment).

2 To support and encourage the existing economy and jobs
To support diversification of the local economy by considering new employment areas, opportunities and possibilities. Assessing modest and sympathetic growth opportunities within the local rural economy.
To encourage and facilitate the growth needs of the farming and internationally important horse racing sectors, as well as initiatives for more general, small scale business in the area adjacent to the Bath Road at Clatford.
To consider how tourism can be encouraged in a way that encourages the local economy and environment.

3 Protecting our Green Infrastructure and Open Spaces
To protect the character of our green spaces, open skylines and distinctive rural character of the parish.
To maintain the clear rural boundary with adjoining urban areas, maintaining Preshute's and the Marlborough Downs' special and historic character. To maintain the unique environment of Preshute, protecting important views, archaeology, woodlands, local assets and farming areas.

To support greater public access and enjoyment of the historic landscape within the parish by legitimate use of our public roads, Rights of Way and Bridleways, while allowing farmers to farm and landowners to work the countryside. 

4 Encouraging a better environment

To put in place a plan for Climate Change and environment enhancements, including the principles of healthy placemaking. To consider how biodiversity can be increased and to work with landowners and public agencies to consider whether and where new tree planting and small wildlife should be encouraged  alongside the farming community (for instance working closely with Marlborough Downs Space for Nature (, NWD AONB, Forestry England), Natural England, etc.

5 Encouraging safer, calmer and less intrusive vehicle usage within the parish
To formalise a plan for the West of Marlborough Traffic Action Group to improve road safety for all road users on the A4 Bath Road and the adjacent busy country lanes in the parish.

6 Planning for the unforeseen
To plan for emergencies and other unforeseen contingencies (for instance pandemic, flooding and other potential local crises).

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