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Neighbourhood Plan

Building a vision for our rural parish 

Preshute Neighbourhood Plan

The Preshute NP is now at Regulation 15 status. The Working Group have received all the inputs from the Regulation 14 Public Consultation, compiled these into a 2-part Consultation report (Part 1: data, Part 2 PPC responses). The Working Group has produced a Basic Conditions Statement to show compliance to the various national regulations and core Wiltshire strategies. A revised version of the draft pre-submission Plan has been produced. This revised draft Plan was unanimously approved following a detailed presentation of its key points to the full Preshute parish council on Wednesday 11th May 2022. 

The Regulation 15 package package has been passed to Wiltshire Council for the next stage of the submission process. The contents of that package are reproduced below.

Next steps

 WC will subsequently publish the draft Plan themselves for a further period of consultation (Regulation 16). Following this they will appoint an Inspector to consider the whole Plan and its associated documents. Preshute PC will receive the Inspectors recommendations and further changes may be required. Following that WC will then arrange a referendum  within the parish to gain a residents' mandate for the Plan.

The motivation for a Preshute area Neighbourhood Plan

The Preshute NP is being prepared by volunteer members of the community with a passion and vision to maintain and develop the assets of our historic parish. We live within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that is as fundamental a feature of this part of north-east Wiltshire as the River Kennet and our immediate neighbours, the World Heritage Area at Avebury.  Our priceless environment has always supported a busy rural economy and part of the Neighbourhood Plan's objectives and aspirations is to allow this economy to flourish while conserving the rich archeological and historic features and accepting we live within a hugely popular area for recreational and leisure activities.