Minutes of the PARISH COUNCIL MEETING held on the 2nd June 2020 at 7.30 pm remotely through Zoom.

Present:  Cllr P Morgan (Chair), Cllr S Mills & Cllr J Penn.
Apologies:  Cllr H Wroth & Cllr I Wroth.
In attendance:  Mrs S Roberts (Clerk), Unitary Cllr J Davies & Philippa Pearson.

Please note – No members of the public or press requested access to the meeting.

Declarations of Interest & Dispensations – None

1.    Minutes of the previous meeting
•    The minutes of the last meeting held on Monday 9th March 2020 were approved and will be signed at the next available meeting whereby councillors attend in person as a true record.  (Cllr P Morgan proposed, Cllr J Penn seconded)
2.    Approval of Preshute Protocol for Remote Meetings
•    The Protocol document was formally approved.  (Cllr S Mills proposed, Cllr J Penn seconded)

3.     Co-option
•    Philippa Pearson from Barton Park introduced herself.  Philippa was co-opted onto the Parish Council.  (Cllr S Mills proposed, Cllr J Penn seconded).  It was noted the Declaration of Acceptance of Office would be signed at the next available meeting whereby councillors attend in person.   

4.    Public questions on items of business included in the agenda.
•    There were no members of the public or press present.
5.    Covid 19 Support & Emergency Action Plan
•    The Council agreed to formally adopt the Preshute Parish Council Covid 19 Emergency Action Plan as a ‘Working Draft’.  (Cllr S Mills proposed, Cllr J Penn seconded).  It was noted under disposal of household waste local farmers no longer have incinerators but the Wroth brothers have kindly agreed should there be an issue they would be happy to provide a place to store excess household waste prior to collection by the contractors appointed by Wiltshire Council.  It was noted the local Community PCSO is Mark Braithwaite.

6.    Annual Meeting & further meetings
•    It was noted the new legislation in place up to May 2021 removes the requirement for Parish Councils to hold an Annual Meeting in May, the Council can choose to hold it in an alternative month if desired or not at all.  The Council discussed the implications of not holding an Annual Meeting and decided it would be desirable to hold one in a couple of months time once Covid19 restrictions were eased.  It was agreed to provisionally book a date for July 28th for the next meeting but if a meeting was deemed necessary earlier one could be called.  Once restrictions have been lifted it was agreed the Council would revert back to the original dates booked at the Manton Village Hall.

7.    Finance
•     AGAR – The new timescale for approving the AGAR has now been published and provided the accounts can be internally audited soon this can be approved at the proposed July meeting.
•    Bank Account – The bank balance at 1st May 2020: £18902.41.
•    The Precept of £4021.00 has been received from Wiltshire Council.
•    The following cheques were retrospectively approved having been signed the previous week by Cllr P Morgan & Cllr J Penn:

    100521    D Pittams – Bus shelter repairs                £300.00
    100522    Clerk Salary
    100523    Clerk expenses
    100524    WALC – annual membership subscription 2020/21        £57.73
    100525    SLCC – Clerk’s Training courses x 2                £108.00
    100526    P Morgan – postage & envelopes COVID 19 mailing    £67.50

8.    Highways
•    Following a request from Wiltshire Council for submissions of proposed Highway measures to support safer cycling and walking Preshute Parish Council has requested the footpath on the A4 from Fyfield to Clatford to be cleared of vegetation and a dedicated cycle lane be provided on the A4 from Beckhampton to Marlborough.  It was noted Fyfield & West Overton Parish Council has also requested their section of the same footpath clearing and also for a cycle route on the A4.
•    It was noted the Manton Residents Association are in support of and had also previously requested a cycle route on the A4 from Manton to Marlborough.
•    Cllr S Mills raised the issue of large groups of motorcycles – it was agreed this was something to be possibly discussed by CATG.

9.    Rights of Way
•    A complaint had been received regarding the lack of signage for PRES27 at Rockley.  Stephen Leonard at Wiltshire Council has agreed to contact the owners of the Martyn Meade Stables to request the signage be reinstated.
•    Cllr S Mills has kindly agreed to look at the other Rights of way within the Parish to identify which ones require signage and any, which are currently not passable. Action Cllr S Mills

10.    Planning
•    It was noted a lot of work has been carried out at the Martyn Meade Racing Stables, Manton Park SN8 4HB.  The Clerk has agreed to investigate previous planning applications on this site.  Action Clerk
•    MANP – All Councillors present formally approved the submission of comments made to the MANP in respect of the draft AECOM report.
•    The next MANP meeting was due to take place last Thursday but has been postponed with no further date yet provided.
•    Cllr Jane Davies provided positive feedback in respect of our objection to the housing proposals and comments on the AECOM report.

11.    Website
•    Cllr Peter Morgan has studied the Website Accessibility Regulations and where possible updated the website to make it as compliant as possible.  He has also added an Accessibilty Statement.  The Council thanked Peter and his wife for all their hard work on this project.

The meeting closed at 8.30pm.                    This is the last page of the minutes.
The next meeting is provisionally arranged for Tuesday 28th July 2020 at 7.30 pm

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