The PARISH COUNCIL MEETING - 2 2020/21 will be held remotely through Zoom on

Tuesday 28th July 2020 at 8.00pm

Please note:  Any member of the public wishing to attend this virtual meeting should contact the Parish Clerk at by midday on Monday 27th July 2020.

Members of the Public will be permitted to participate for a maximum of 15 minutes at the start of the meeting and should follow the Preshute Parish Council Protocol for Remote Meetings, which can be found at

Please note the meeting may be recorded for administration purposes.


Public Participation – Questions and comments from the public.

12.    To receive apologies for absence

To receive, and consider for approval, apologies for absence and reasons given.
13.     To receive declarations of interests
Members are reminded to declare any interest on any item on this agenda at this point or at any point during the meeting in accordance with Preshute Parish Council’s Code of Conduct.

14.    Items to be taken in private session
To determine which items, if any, on the Agenda should be taken with the public excluded.

15.    Minutes of the previous meetings
To approve and authorise the minutes of the meetings of the Council held on 2nd June and 14th July 2020.
16.    Clerk’s Report

Parish Notice Board
Martyn Meade Stables
Dog bins at Clatford & Lockeridge
Covid Copse

17.    Finance

a.    To receive and note the annual internal audit report for 2019/20
b.    To approve & complete the Annual Governance Statement 2019/20
c.    To approve & complete the Accounting Statements 2019/20
d.    The RFO to announce the commencement date of the exercise of public rights.
e.    To confirm the Parish Council is exempt from External Audit for 2019/20 and meets the following criteria:
Total gross income and total gross expenditure below £25K; and no public interest report/statutory recommendation/advisory notice/judicial review/application to court re unlawful item of account issued by its external auditor in the prior year; and been in existence since before 1/4/14.
f.    To approve the Year-End Accounts for the year 2019/20
g.    To approve the budget for 2020/21
h.    To minute that the Risk Assessment for 2019/20 is complete and has been reviewed and updated
i.    To minute the Asset Register has been reviewed and is complete for 2019/20
j.    To approve payments of outstanding and retrospective cheques.

18.    Planning (SM)

Neighbourhood Plan
19.    Rights of Way (SM)
Signposts & footpaths
20.    Website  (PM)
Website accessibility regulations
21.     Agenda Items for the next meeting (SR)
Covid Copse

Meeting called by:  Sophie Roberts (Clerk) on 23rd July 2020

W:; Email:; T: 01672 861262