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Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan (MANP)

Preshute Parish Council is a member of the Marlborough Area Neighbourhood Plan.

The Steering Group (NPSG) has been meeting since 2016 and comprises representatives from Marlborough Town Council, Mildenhall (Minal) PC, Savernake PC and ourselves, Preshute PC. There are various other attendees including Unitary Cllr Stuart Dobson, a representative from Marlborough College (a major landowner in the area) and other  individuals with specific interests.

The objective of a Neighbourhood Plan is to define a vision for the future development of an area, including housing, open spaces, amenities, traffic management and the environment.

You can learn more about the MANP at this link:

Preshute PC has submitted a detailed paper outlining a major objection to the housing section of the proposed MANP and is calling for a review of the whole MANP process and the make-up of the NPSG itself.

This paper has been sent to  the secretary of the NPSG (The Clerk to Marlborough Town Council). 

We cannot show you this full objection paper as it has not been discussed by the NPSG itself (under the Local Government Administration guidelines). Publication may take a long time as the Clerk has notified us the relevant meeting has been postponed to March.  Meanwhile other members of the NPSG appear to be attempting to rush through the Plan's main Pre-Submission Proposal.

At an NPSG meeting on 9th January 2020, Preshute PC suspended consent for the use of its name in any document published by the NPSG while this objection is being considered.

Preshute has been an irregular attendant to the NPSG for various reasons, but Cllr Peter Morgan has been attending since Nov 2019. In that time, it has become clear that Preshute PC would have to object strongly to the housing section of the proposed Neighbourhood Plan (Preshute is a subscriber to the Steering Group). The housing section is seeking to identify and define another large scale development in the area, and particularly at Barton Dene greenfield AONB, behind College Fields.

The only current mandated housing requirement on the Marlborough area at present is defined by the Wiltshire Council Core Strategy, which covers the period 2006-2026. Marlborough has more than achieved its defined housing requirement of some 680 new houses. In fact some 713 are already built or have achieved planning approval. A new Local Plan is in development by Wilts Council that will set housing goals for the Marlborough area to the end of 2036. The NPSG are trying to fit their own ideas for 250 more new houses into this new Local Plan with, we believe, minimal evidential basis. 

The NPSG housing agenda comes at a time when there are so many other issues around the area that need resolution and vision before we think of welcoming thousands of new residents.

Consequently, we believe the MANP housing agenda is flawed.

We will keep you updated on this situation.

Preshute Parish Council

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