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Next full Council meeting

The next full meeting of Preshute Parish Council is due be held on 16th May 2020, starting at 7.45pm. However, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we will confirm this meeting nearer to the date. Provisional location is Manton Village Hall. If you wish to raise any issue, please get in touch with the Sophie Roberts (Parish Clerk) or Peter Morgan (Chair). The contact details are shown at the foot of this page.

Oddfellows returns!

26 November 2019

The Oddfellows (formerly known as the Outside Chance and before that the Oddfellows Arms) will re-open on 17th December.

21 October 2019

We asked Wadworth's what the latest is on the Outside Chance.

Lloyd Stephens, their Operations Director (Tenanted) came back with some very welcome news:

"I am pleased to say that after some remedial works to both the trading areas and the private accommodation, contractors have been appointed and I anticipate that they will start on site in the last week of October.

"We have also appointed a new Business Partner who is an experienced pub operator, having run several other Wadworth pubs. The plan is to have the refurbished Outside Chance open by the beginning of December.

I look forward to welcoming residents back to the Outside Chance and apologise that the house has been closed for a number of weeks."

So, we can look forward to this popular local pub being open again for the festive period. What a great Christmas present for the village!

Preshute PC grant helps Manton Village Hall redevelopment

14th October 2019

Preshute Parish Councillor Joy Penn presented Manton Village Hall Chair Nicki Evans with a cheque of £5,000 on 4th October 2019. The grant will go towards the redevelopment fund for the busy village community centre.

Preshute Parish Council Chair Peter Morgan said, "Preshute takes great pleasure in awarding Manton Village Hall this grant. This donation underlines the importance of Preshute's close ties with the village hall. We aim to support to local charities and community groups and particularly those that offer a focus for our parishioners.

Nicki Evans, Chair of Manton Village Hall Committee, said, "The village hall is the only community venue on the west side of Marlborough, servicing the needs of both Manton and Preshute parish. It is used every day by diverse groups of all ages including pre-school, Preshute Primary, St.Georges Church, Guides and Rainbows. We also host community lunches, Tea Dances, Scottish Country Dancing, Pilates and Yoga and community events. 
"In the summer we completed phase 1 of the refurbishment and we will carry out phase 2 in the half term at the end of October. The Parish Council’s generous donation has allowed this to happen on schedule."

Preshute PC applies to the Community Area Transport Group for safety railings at the south end of Right of Way (PRES12)

This is a Right of Way used by walkers, cyclists and horse-riders that emerges on to the Bath Road opposite the Clatford junction. The southern section of this path runs down a steep hill between significant over/undergrowth and those unfamiliar to the route can emerge without warning on to the Bath Road. 

The CATG approval process is slow, but we will update residents as progress is made. 

Parish Steward visits

4th October 2019

We will shortly (17 October, 14 November, 12 December 2019) receive several visits by the Parish Stewards, who are tasked with tidying up the verges, road signs, blocked drains etc from our road network. If you know of any issues with overgrown verges, broken signs etc, please contact us.

Catch the Autumn colours in West Woods

3 September 2019

If you want to catch the last of the beautiful greens in West Woods, now is the time to visit. However, we would ask you please to respect this delicate environment, don't litter and clear up after your dogs as you would in any public place.

Are we missing something?

The Parish Council is always ready to listen to ideas and suggestions from the Preshute community. If you have an idea about how we can serve you better, please do contact Sophie Roberts (Parish Clerk) or Peter Morgan (Chair) at the contacts shown below. We are particularly interested to hear about residents who may need help from the wider care community or need somebody to discuss matters affecting local residents.

Preshute Parish Council

Principal Contacts

Clerk: Sophie Roberts

Email: clerk@preshutepc.org.uk

Tel: 01672 861262

Chair: Peter Morgan

Email: chair@preshutepc.org.uk

Preshute Parish Councillors

Peter Morgan

Joy Penn

Ian Wroth

Hugh Wroth

Simon Mills

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Preshute PC's Cllr Joy Penn (left) and MVH Chair Nicki Evans celebrate the opening of the newly redeveloped Hall. 

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