Preshute Parish Council

Email: clerk@preshutepc.org.uk

Highways (and by-ways)

Roads and signage within the parish are controlled by Wiltshire Council. There is a process for reporting items such as potholes, obstructions, etc or requesting change that can be found at the My Wiltshire website at:


Road closures

There are no currently planned road closures within the parish (as at 26 June 2020).

West of Marlborough Traffic Action Group

Traffic speed along the A4 continues to be an important issue in our area and several fatal and serious accidents have occurred; the World Health Organisation states that a 5% reduction in average speed results in a 30% reduction in fatal crashes. The Parish Council is a member of the West of Marlborough Traffic Action Group. This group includes the parishes of Fyfield & West Overton, East Kennet and Avebury as well as the Manton Residents' Association. is seeking a reduction in the speed limit on the A4 from Beckhampton to the Marlborough Town Boundary at Manton to 50mph. The group is also lobbying for improved traffic calming and other safety measures on this extremely busy trunk road. 


Preshute PC applies for safety railings at the south end of Right of Way (PRES12)

This is a Right of Way used by walkers, cyclists and horse-riders that emerges on to the Bath Road opposite the Clatford junction (downhill from the Manton Down car park. The southern section of this path runs down a steep hill between significant over/undergrowth and those unfamiliar to the route can emerge without warning on to the Bath Road. The approval process is slow, but we will update residents as progress is made. 

Preshute Parish Council

Principal Contacts                         Accessibility 

Clerk: Sophie Roberts

Email: clerk@preshutepc.org.uk

Tel: 01672 861262

Chair: Peter Morgan

Email: chair@preshutepc.org.uk

Preshute Parish Councillors

Cllr Peter Morgan (Chair)

Cllr Simon Mills

Cllr Philippa Pearson

Cllr Joy Penn

Cllr Hugh Wroth

Cllr Ian Wroth

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