Preshute Parish Council


Annual Governance and Accountability Returns

Here are the most recent statutary accounts for Preshute Parish Council

Please direct any questions to the Clerk, whose contact details are shown at the foot of this page

Annual Governance & Accountability return 2019/20

Annual Governance Statement 2019_20 PreshutePC Section 1 

Systems of internal control used by Preshute Parish Council in the prpeparation of the annual accounting statement

Accounting Statements 2019_20 PreshutePC Section 2

Accounts summary for the year 2019/20

Certificate of Exemption AGAR 2019_20 PreshutePC

Completed by authorities with a gross income/expenditure of less than £25000 in the year

Annual Internal Audit Report 2019_20 PreshutePC

Report summary from the authority's internal auditor for the financial year

Summary of Public Rights 2019 p1

Summary of Public Rights 2019 p2

Exercise of Public Rights 2019-20

What exempt authorities need to do to advertise the period during which electors and interested persons may exercise rights relating to the annual accounts

Preshute Parish Council

Principal Contacts                         Accessibility 

Clerk: Sophie Roberts


Tel: 01672 861262

Chair: Peter Morgan


Preshute Parish Councillors

Cllr Peter Morgan (Chair)

Cllr Simon Mills

Cllr Philippa Pearson

Cllr Joy Penn

Cllr Hugh Wroth

Cllr Ian Wroth

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