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Please email our Clerk, Sophie Roberts at this address:; T: 01672 861272

If you want to learn more about the opportunities for events, film and media in our stunning landscape, please contact us. Preshute offers an unmatched rural landscape and the best of the English countryside.

Some useful links

Preshute PC is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of any website link given below.

Spotted a pothole or affected by flooding?

Wiltshire Council maintain the Highways, including responsibility for filling in potholes, etc. If you have a request to the Councty Council, go to the following website:

Not sure about a public Right of Way?

Before walking or riding in the countryside, check out whether where you are going has public access. Farmer's fields should not be used unless there is an authorised public Right of Way across them. A map of Wiltshire Public Rights of Way can be found at:

Marlborough Downs Space For Nature

Learn about of how a group of Marlborough Downs farmers started to work together, inspired by a Government initiative to improve nature conservation in the countryside on a big scale. Of the 12 pilot Nature Improvement Areas created at the time, the Marlborough Downs project was the only one led by farmers.

Forestry England

Find out how to get to the unmatched West Woods with Forestry England.

North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

All of Preshute Parish is located within greenfield AONB. Look here for the local guardians of our matchless countryside environment.

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is a landscape whose distinctive character and natural beauty are recognised as so outstanding that it is protected for the nation. The North Wessex Downs make up the third largest of Britain’s 46 AONBs. 

Action for the River Kennet

The River Kennet flows through the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Beauty and Preshute Parish.

Action for the River Kennet is the Rivers Trust for the Kennet Catchment.

The River Kennet is one of England's most important chalk streams. Some 45 miles long, it is the largest tributary of the Thames and in summer months contributes up to half its flow. 

ARK can be found at:

Walking in Wiltshire

This website offers a guides to hundreds of walks within the county. We haven't been able to verify the routes or that they all use authorised footpaths or Rights of Way. Walkers should check and verify beforehand the safety and legitimate access of any route selected. If a route crosses private land or cultivated fields, double check the right of way.

Preshute Parish Council

Principal Contacts                         Accessibility 

Clerk: Sophie Roberts


Tel: 01672 861262

Chair: Peter Morgan


Preshute Parish Councillors

Cllr Peter Morgan (Chair)

Cllr Simon Mills

Cllr Philippa Pearson

Cllr Joy Penn

Cllr Hugh Wroth

Cllr Ian Wroth

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