Map of Preshute

(in preparation)

 The future of Preshute Parish - choose your option!

Respond below to the mailer we sent out recently to every Preshute home

Option 1: Reject the bid from the Town Council and stay as Preshute Parish  
(independent, as we are today)


Option 2: Accept the merger with the Town Council, dissolving Preshute Parish

(Move under the Town Council umbrella


Please vote option 1 or option 2 below in the message box. 

Please also include your name, postcode and email so we can identify you as a Preshute parish resident.

It will also keep our costs down in future when we want to update you.

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Preshute Parish Council


Some useful links

Marlborough Downs Space For Nature

Learn about of how a group of Marlborough Downs farmers started to work together, inspired by a Government initiative to improve nature conservation in the countryside on a big scale. Of the 12 pilot Nature Improvement Areas created at the time, the Marlborough Downs project was the only one led by farmers.

Spotted a pothole or affected by flooding?

Wiltshire Council maintain the Highways, including responsibility for filling in potholes, etc. If you have a request to the Councty Council, go to the following website:

Not sure about a public Right of Way?

Before walking or riding in the countryside, check out whether where you are going has public access. Farmer's fields should not be used unless there is an authorised public Right of Way across them. A map of Wiltshire Public Rights of Way can be found at:

Marborough Area Development Trust

A useful regional group that shows the Preshute Parish boundary. Our own map will be available soon.

Preshute Parish Council

Principal Contacts

Clerk: Sophie Roberts


Tel: 01672 861262

Chair: Peter Morgan


Preshute Parish Councillors

Peter Morgan

Joy Penn

Ian Wroth

Hugh Wroth

Jean Upton

Simon Mills

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